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Adam Vicarel

Map Lettering by Adam Vicarel

Lettering on Maps by Adam Vicarel, a freelance artist & designer currently living in Denver, Colorado. Inspiring hand lettered phrases on maps, suitable for home decoration. Adam Vicarel is a painter, drawer, installation maker, builder, seamster, and creator of beautiful things. With a passion for blurring the line that separate art and design, Adam embraces design […]

Yorokobu Numbers

Yorokobu Numbers by Muokkaa Studio

Alejandro López Becerro or Alex, also known as Muokkaa Studio design this 3D numbers for Yorokubu Magazine issue 58. He creatively combined 3D objects to shape the numbers. You can see a few layers with textured objects and the colors perfectly balance. Check out the Yorokobu Numbers below: Don’t forget to check out more works from […]

Joseph Alessio

Tooling Around by Joseph Alessio

Joseph Alessio Detroit based designer and typographer, Joseph Alessio enjoys to experiment with dimensional, motion, film, installations, murals and more. One of his experimental project, he built an alphabetical series made with tools. Check out more of Joseph Alessio works at

Vangarde Music

Web Design For Vangarde Music

Vangarde Music Vangarde Music is a Belgian music label company. The website designed by McArnolds for this entertaiment industry especially optimized for desktop and tablet. McArnolds from Belgium is a creative agency based in Brussels, specialized in communication, development of brand images, the development of websites and social applications. McArnold has put his creativity to […]

David Milan

Lettering Set Superheroes Edition by David Milan

David Milan Mexico graphic designer created collection of brush pen lettering of popular superheroes and villains, including Batman, The Joker, and Superman. The interesting part is details within his lettering which reflect each distinct personalities like striking gashes across his Wolverine artwork and Clark Kent’s signature glasses made a cameo appearance in the Superman. Check out his work below. […]