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Heather Adamson

Smiley Food by Heather Adamson

Scotland graphic designer and health food blogger Heather Adamson recreates the popular message characters as breakfast dishes to show ‘healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.’ Using a combination of healthy ingredients including oats, chia seeds, fresh fruit and almond milk, Heather make it her daily quest to combine a love of breakfast with her favourite […]

Chris Durso

Fun Food Shapes Like US States by Chris Durso

Chris Durso Foodnited States of America is an ongoing project by Chris Durso of Foodiggity and his 8-year-old son. This fun food project is a series of recreation of every single U.S state out of food. They cleverly arranged foods and paired with brilliant pun-filled names like Delaware and Nutella as “Nutellaware” and New Jersey as “New […]


Delightful Food Art by SimC

SimC Hong Kong based cook SimC creatively arrange foods into adorable popular cartoon characters like Winnie The Pooh, Olaf from Frozen and Pikachu. Her food art are made entirely from vegetarian food which probably will encourage picky eaters to eat their vegetables.    SimC shares her creative food art every Monday.  To see more her […]

Chloé Rutzerveld

Edible Growth by Food Designer Chloé Rutzerveld

Chloé Rutzerveld  Food designer Chloé Rutzerveld created an ongoing project called “Edible Growth” that blends food, gardening and 3D printing. Edible growth is an example of future food product that forms a bridge between new technologies and authentic practises of growing and breeding food. The idea involved specially printed outer casing which made from dough that contains […]


Chocolatexture by Nendo

Nendo Chocolatexture designed for Maison et Objet by Nendo is another unique way of experiencing chocolates. The 9 different types of chocolate are made within the same size, 26x26x26mm, featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface textures – and, while the raw materials are identical, the distinctive textures create different tastes. Each chocolate is directly […]

Stephan Brusche - Banana Art

Creative Banana Art by Stephan Brusche

STEPHAN BRUSCHE Stephan Brusche creatively transform bananas into creative and light-hearted works of art. Stephan Brusche, the imaginative artist is from Netherlands. He shows creative can also be done in limited field like banana art. For more on his art, check out his instagram.

Becca Clason

Food Typography by Becca Clason

Becca Clason Becca Clason is a California-born letterer, typographic illustrator, and graphic designer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Clason love hand-crafting words and letters out of food. While living in Los Angeles, she had a salsa garden in her backyard and always make a lots of fresh homemade salsa. Before getting all in blender, she […]

Creatively Assembled Foods by Daryna Kossar

Daryna Kossar Delicious ‘Paintings’ Made Out Of Creatively Assembled Foods. Ukrainian food artist Daryna Kossar creatively makes paintings from different types of foods. She uses cutout from outline of character on paper as a guide to slice bread into the shapes. Then uses fruit to colour and complete the image.