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Heather Adamson

Smiley Food by Heather Adamson

Scotland graphic designer and health food blogger Heather Adamson recreates the popular message characters as breakfast dishes to show ‘healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.’ Using a combination of healthy ingredients including oats, chia seeds, fresh fruit and almond milk, Heather make it her daily quest to combine a love of breakfast with her favourite […]

Adrian Alarcon

Creative Beard Project by Adrian Alarcon

Adrian Alarcon São Paolo-based photographer Adrian Alarcon shaved half of his beard for his creative and quirky beard project, Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop. Alarcon cleverly stick random object such popcorns, toys and pencil shavings to fill up the space of half of his face.  The result is funny yet amazing. Check out the image […]

The Balloon Sellers Of Kabul, Afghanistan

The Balloon Sellers Of Kabul, Afghanistan

Al Arte Magazine Balloon sellers photos taken by Scotfot featured at Al Arte Magazine facebook page. Balloon sellers roam the streets, struggling to make a living as they sell wonderfully colorful tokens to passersby. But while doing so, they manage to bring a sense of fun and playfulness to what otherwise might be a rather grim […]

Ray Collins

Amazing Photos of Ocean Waves by Ray Collins

Ray Collins Capturing the fleeting moments of wave surface and form various shape before it dissipating is Ray Collins passions. This Australian photographer wave photos seem to freeze and capture all of the sea’s power. Ray’s work regularly appears in Surfing, Art, Lifestyle and Sporting Magazines all over the world and is regularly exhibited in galleries […]

Chris Durso

Fun Food Shapes Like US States by Chris Durso

Chris Durso Foodnited States of America is an ongoing project by Chris Durso of Foodiggity and his 8-year-old son. This fun food project is a series of recreation of every single U.S state out of food. They cleverly arranged foods and paired with brilliant pun-filled names like Delaware and Nutella as “Nutellaware” and New Jersey as “New […]

Neli Prahova

Adorable Babies Portraits by Neli Prahova

Neli Prahova London based photographer, Neli Prahova shot adorable babies portraits with whimsical scenes. She brilliantly transformed pieces of fabric into cars, elephant and sceneries that come alive in photoshoot.  Check out some of her photoshoot artworks below.   Images via her personal website. See more of her works at

Erik Johansson

Surreal Photograph by Berlin Based Photographer Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson “I’m a photographer and retoucher from Sweden. I use photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas in my mind.” – Erik Johansson This Berlin based photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson creates beautiful and mind boggling compositions. He doesn’t only capture moments, he captures ideas. According to Erik, photography is […]

John Wilhelm

Creative Photo by John Wilhelm

John Wilhelm Swiss photographer John Wilhelm, describes himself photoholic because photography is more than a passion for him. John Wilhelm creatively turn his own pictures  into humour and fun image. He loves taking pictures of his family and retouch it to get incredible quality of work. Check out and like his Facebook.

Satoshi Araki - Miniature Diorama

Gotham City Miniature by Satoshi Araki

Satoshi Araki Satoshi Araki, a Japanese miniature model artist has built incredibly detailed and realistic diorama of Batman’s Gotham City. He loves to create detailed scale models and miniature dioramas, featuring both real world and fictional elements. Check out more of his work at Pinterest and facebook.  

Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong Photoshoot in A Real-Life Disney Library – Stift Admont

  Benjamin Von Wong Benjamin Von Wong goes to work inside the world’s oldest monastic library, Stift Admont in Austria. Think Beauty and the Beast and a library beyond your wildest imagination. Completed in 1776 Stift Admont is the oldest monastic library in the world, some have dubbed it the “eighth wonder of the world.” It holds […]