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Adam Vicarel

Map Lettering by Adam Vicarel

Lettering on Maps by Adam Vicarel, a freelance artist & designer currently living in Denver, Colorado. Inspiring hand lettered phrases on maps, suitable for home decoration. Adam Vicarel is a painter, drawer, installation maker, builder, seamster, and creator of beautiful things. With a passion for blurring the line that separate art and design, Adam embraces design […]

Dadomani Studio

DADOMANI STUDIO A series of 3D typographic designs that spell out the word “YOU”, a project created for the “Vodafone YOU” campaign. Each letter shows images of architectural landscapes and entertainments that represent the rewards and benefits this plan offers customers in the various cities.

Tomasz Biernat

Tomasz Biernat Polish designer Tomasz Biernat is a creative whose extensive talent allows him to specialize in many different areas. Some of his work is t-shirt typography for Risen Apparel.

Chalkboard Illustrations by Dangerdust

Dangerdust Dangerdust illustrate renowned quotes on classroom chalkboards. Drawings and typographic renderings are framed within the confines of the blackboard, depicted in rich and bold colors and intricately-executed graphic motifs. Cleverly placed within their backdrop, the chosen phrases are surrounded by geometric sketches and compositions that best represent the subject matter.