Author: Dahlia Ahad

MINI web design concept

MINI Homepage Concept

I am loving this MINI homepage design concept by Tom Arends, Graphic Designer and Creative Director a Blink Interactive. He designs this concept with big rectangles and photography, channeling his love with the brand and the MINI identity. The main image is the most attractive part. It looks like a billboard and the car in […]

Adam Vicarel

Map Lettering by Adam Vicarel

Lettering on Maps by Adam Vicarel, a freelance artist & designer currently living in Denver, Colorado. Inspiring hand lettered phrases on maps, suitable for home decoration. Adam Vicarel is a painter, drawer, installation maker, builder, seamster, and creator of beautiful things. With a passion for blurring the line that separate art and design, Adam embraces design […]

Heather Adamson

Smiley Food by Heather Adamson

Scotland graphic designer and health food blogger Heather Adamson recreates the popular message characters as breakfast dishes to show ‘healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring.’ Using a combination of healthy ingredients including oats, chia seeds, fresh fruit and almond milk, Heather make it her daily quest to combine a love of breakfast with her favourite […]

Yorokobu Numbers

Yorokobu Numbers by Muokkaa Studio

Alejandro López Becerro or Alex, also known as Muokkaa Studio design this 3D numbers for Yorokubu Magazine issue 58. He creatively combined 3D objects to shape the numbers. You can see a few layers with textured objects and the colors perfectly balance. Check out the Yorokobu Numbers below: Don’t forget to check out more works from […]

Bordalo Segundo

From Trash To Art, Murals by Bordalo Segundo

The Portugese street artist, Bordalo Segundo creates giant murals using trash found in nature and outside walls on the street. He uses bumpers, old tires and other scraps found to form murals of animals. Every art has environmental message. The idea is to show nature itself, in this case animals and materials that are responsible for […]

Joseph Alessio

Tooling Around by Joseph Alessio

Joseph Alessio Detroit based designer and typographer, Joseph Alessio enjoys to experiment with dimensional, motion, film, installations, murals and more. One of his experimental project, he built an alphabetical series made with tools. Check out more of Joseph Alessio works at

Revolution Department

Revolution Department Promo Video

Revolution Department Revolution Department promo video is really impressive. Using Arnold Renderer, the result really smooth and. Revolution Department is a new creatives hub based in Milan and their aim towards developing post production and animation projects. Their philosophy is firmly based on the conviction that the best results can only be achieved when both technical experts […]

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning by CLEVER°FRANKE

Chicago’s Mobility Data Visualization by CLEVER°FRANKE

CLEVER°FRANKE CLEVER°FRANKE is an interactive design agency focused on information and data visualisation, who create innovative design solutions for complex problems. Approached by the official regional planning organisation, The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), to design and develop a series of micro-sites around the topics of Mobility, Economy and Liveability. The micro-sites serve the primary purpose to educate and influence various stakeholders […]