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John Bramblitt

Artist Creates Incredible Textured Paintings Despite Being Blind

John Bramblitt Despite being blind, John Bramblitt paintings are incredible. He has an amazing ability to paint with shadow and perspective by relying on touch and  texture. This American painter began painting after losing his sight in 2001 because of severe seizures series. His art had been displayed in more than twenty collections. John Bramblitt become […]

Maria A. Aristidou

Amazing Coffee Painting by Maria A. Aristidou

Maria A. Aristidou Commercial artist and illustrator Maria A. Aristidou creates incredible work using coffee in lieu of watercolour. Using water paint paper and around 5 different coffee blends (depending on the subject), she paints famous characters like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mother of Dragon from Game of Thrones and Dr House. […]

Lim Zhi Wei

Beautiful Flower Art by Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei Malaysian artist, Lim Zhi Wei, has a knack for creating beautiful arts from flowers. She combines her watercolour illustrations with beautiful flowers and has created ballerina, beautiful woman wearing lovely dresses, and even animals like fish and goat in her work. Check out her some of her works below.   See more of […]

Marco Mazzoni

Coloured Pencil Drawings by Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni Gotta love these detailed coloured pencil drawings of flora and fauna by Milan based artist Marco Mazzoni.  Most of his drawings tend to focus on intertwined flora and fauna as well as depictions of female herbalist from 16th to 18th century Sardinia. The portraits could be viewed as equally beautiful or unsettling.   See […]

Emily Tan

Series for WWF UK by Emily Tan

Emily Tan Emily Tan is one of the most innovative and naturally gifted image makers of recent times. A minimalist, a maximalist, she utilizes multiple techniques and mediums together with a unique style, creating art of exceptional imagination and distinction.  Based in United Kingdom, her drawings are bursting with colours and life which truly inspiring. […]

Christoph Niemann - Sunday Sketch

Sunday Sketches by Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann Sunday sketches is a series of mixed media drawings by Christoph Niemann. He cleverly combines illustration with real life objects like a crumpled paper become flowers with drawing of vase and leaves, a giraffe made from a fork and my personal favourite, a panda drawing out of a shoe. Check more of his […]

Elisa Roche

Banana Drawing by Elisa Roche

Elisa Roche Elisa Roche is the former chef trained by Jamie Oliver. In her spare time Elisa Roche’s hobby is having fun with fruits, and the results are amazing. She takes inspiration from everything around her like watching the Jaws movie hence the recreation of a shark on a banana. It started when she was bored at […]

Andrea Wan

Fleeting Seasons Series by Andrea Wan

Andrea Wan Andrea Wan is an illustrator and Visual Artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and based in Berlin. Her new series “Fleeting Seasons” is a dedication to one of the oldest topics in fine arts, which is the eternal circle of life and death. Fleeting Seasons is currently on exhibit at BC […]

Jitesh Patel

Annotated Typographic Healthy Heart Drawing by Jitesh Patel

Jitesh Patel Hand drawn annotated heart by Jitesh Patel. This typographic annotated illustration is mix of hand drawn illustrated drawings and combination of different typographic styles. This illustration is a message and serious thoughts of keeping healthy heart injected with humours message. See more of Jitesh Patel works at