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The Balloon Sellers Of Kabul, Afghanistan

The Balloon Sellers Of Kabul, Afghanistan

Al Arte Magazine Balloon sellers photos taken by Scotfot featured at Al Arte Magazine facebook page. Balloon sellers roam the streets, struggling to make a living as they sell wonderfully colorful tokens to passersby. But while doing so, they manage to bring a sense of fun and playfulness to what otherwise might be a rather grim […]

Ray Collins

Amazing Photos of Ocean Waves by Ray Collins

Ray Collins Capturing the fleeting moments of wave surface and form various shape before it dissipating is Ray Collins passions. This Australian photographer wave photos seem to freeze and capture all of the sea’s power. Ray’s work regularly appears in Surfing, Art, Lifestyle and Sporting Magazines all over the world and is regularly exhibited in galleries […]

Chris Durso

Fun Food Shapes Like US States by Chris Durso

Chris Durso Foodnited States of America is an ongoing project by Chris Durso of Foodiggity and his 8-year-old son. This fun food project is a series of recreation of every single U.S state out of food. They cleverly arranged foods and paired with brilliant pun-filled names like Delaware and Nutella as “Nutellaware” and New Jersey as “New […]

Joe Iurato

Street Art Figures by Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato Here are some of the recent pieces by Joe Iurato, street and commercial artist. He always leaves site-specific wooden cutouts in locations to be discovered by the community which they may only last a few days or even hours. The pieces are often based on photography of his own or work of others. Check […]

Jenni Sparks

Hand Drawn Paris Map by Jenni Sparks

Jenni Sparks British artist Jenni Sparks is full of talent. This hand drawn map of Paris is meticulously detailed down to neighborhood landmarks. She spent months researching the city, reading about it and visiting the city to spend time looking around and meeting the locals. Check out her website for more of her global artwork at […]

Air France

Air France: Travelling The World Tour Experience

TRAVELING THE WORLD BY AIR FRANCE Do you have what it takes to be a globetrotter? “Traveling The World”, created by KRDS for Air France, offers users an immersive world tour experience using the Google Street View Technology through 157 challenges on 40 destinations and 5 continents!      Check out the website: