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Revolution Department

Revolution Department Promo Video

Revolution Department Revolution Department promo video is really impressive. Using Arnold Renderer, the result really smooth and. Revolution Department is a new creatives hub based in Milan and their aim towards developing post production and animation projects. Their philosophy is firmly based on the conviction that the best results can only be achieved when both technical experts […]

Pencil Shaving Art by Meghan Maconochie

Pencil Shaving Art by Meghan Maconochie

Meghan Maconochie Meghan Maconochiea a South African schoolteacher, creates textured images drawn  from the shavings of colored pencils. As a 365 day Instagram project, she constructs these images from hand sharpened pencils and layered on card or paper. Some take 10 minutes to do, others take hours and hours! Check out her artworks below.   Also don’t forget […]

Big Nerd Wolf Tea Bag

Cool Pop Culture Tea Hanger by Big Nerd Wolf

Big Nerd Wolf Creative tea hangers created by Big Nerd Wolf. It comes in sets of different characters inspired by movies, television series and video games like Pikachu from Pokemon, Darth Vader from Star Wars, and Ninja Turtles. These tea bag hanger available in printable version.  You will get a digital file for printing tea […]


Rainworks – Invisible Art That Make People Smile on Rainy Day

Rainworks Rainworks are positive messages and art that appear when it rains. The purpose is to make people smile on rainy days. Rainworks are made by Peregrine Church  who is often helped by co-conspirators Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider. Rainworks are created using hydrophobic coatings that stays invisible until it gets wet. Each rainwork lasts about 4 months to a […]


Users can scroll through attractive samples, tapping “pins” on each sample to learn its name and, later, shop. An interesting twist: The desktop version incorporates a zoom feature that mimics smartphones’ and tablets’ native pinch & zoom gestures.