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In Pieces

In Pieces – 30 Species 30 Pieces

In Pieces Presenting CSS-based interactive exhibition of 30 species of the world’s most interesting endangered species. Their survivals lay literally, in pieces. Each species has a common struggle and is represented by one of 30 pieces which come together to form one another. The collection is a celebration of diversity and an attempting reminder of the beauty […]

Helen Ahpornsiri

Pressed Fern Leaf Illustrations by Helen Ahpornsiri

Helen Ahpornsiri Series of incredible pressed fern leaves illustration by Helen Ahpornsiri, which she created in her East Sussex studio. This series began by chance when Helen is exploring East Sussex woodlands and developed obsession with the local flora. Helen arrange the stems and leaves on paper to create trees, bugs, and sea horse. Her artworks are available […]

Maria A. Aristidou

Amazing Coffee Painting by Maria A. Aristidou

Maria A. Aristidou Commercial artist and illustrator Maria A. Aristidou creates incredible work using coffee in lieu of watercolour. Using water paint paper and around 5 different coffee blends (depending on the subject), she paints famous characters like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mother of Dragon from Game of Thrones and Dr House. […]

David de Ramon

JAZZ! Illustration by David de Ramon

David de Ramon JAZZ! are made of 5 independent illustrated covers that work as a single item and together as a collection. These 5 illustrations are made for David de Ramon online illustration course at Domestika where he explained step by step all work process, from idea to final finishing. Each covers are illustrated have […]

Morgan Davidson

Color Pencil Illustrations by Morgan Davidson

Morgan Davidson Impressive realistic color pencil illustrations by 22 year old Ringling College Graduate, Morgan Davidson. Specialising in highly realistic color pencil illustrations, her works includes detailed studies of body parts and life portraits. Most of her works include vibrant colour and rich in details which she stylises the images to fit her own creative […]

Lim Zhi Wei

Beautiful Flower Art by Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei Malaysian artist, Lim Zhi Wei, has a knack for creating beautiful arts from flowers. She combines her watercolour illustrations with beautiful flowers and has created ballerina, beautiful woman wearing lovely dresses, and even animals like fish and goat in her work. Check out her some of her works below.   See more of […]


Spring Through The Day – Celeste

Celeste “A good night’s sleep leaves you fresh, pain free and ready to go go go.” Celeste spring mattress “Spring Through The Day” ads created by Impact BBDO, Jeddah show how our daily chores and responsibilities are always compounded by unexpected obstacles that truly consume the most. But a well rested mind, body and soul re-charges […]

Marco Mazzoni

Coloured Pencil Drawings by Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni Gotta love these detailed coloured pencil drawings of flora and fauna by Milan based artist Marco Mazzoni.  Most of his drawings tend to focus on intertwined flora and fauna as well as depictions of female herbalist from 16th to 18th century Sardinia. The portraits could be viewed as equally beautiful or unsettling.   See […]

Matt Stevens

The Geometry of Sport by Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens A series of illustration studies exploring geometry and dynamism in the human form using larger than life athletes by Matt Stevens, designer from North Carolina. Finding the geometry in shapes and compositions, Matt Stevens explored ways to get his work more dynamic and more comfortable with the human figure. Inspired by some of […]