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Food, Object or Animal by Jaco Haasbroek

Cellfie by Jaco Haasbroek

Jaco Haasbroek

Food, Object or Animal is on going project by Cape Town designer and illustrator, Jaco Haasbroek. This little acrylic paintings and ink illustration on paper are really interesting. Just love the way he turn humorous words and phrases into adorable illustrations.

Jaco Haasbroek illustration also minimalistic with clean style which allows us to focus on the meaning behind the graphic.

Check out his work below.

i can dig smile banana bread cake diamond please don't cry im fried im a little chilli butterfly i'm a little vein i smell like sit socks to be me i'm feeling a bit off today cigarette butt watermelon It's not ewe, it's meeeeh i miss shoe I need some time to reflect

You can find many more of his work at

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