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YouTube’s having a baby!

Hello Monday - YouTube Kids

Hello Monday

When you are on the Internet, you tend to surf for hours, watch the most ridiculous Youtube videos. Youtube are a very well known portal for the last 10 years. But when it comes to kids, YouTube is not the friendliest place for kids to surf and explore as theyre learning or just for entertainment. We all know a small child watching their favorite cartoon play can accidentally click on a ‘related’ videos that has some adult-only content. Parents need a safe video environment that they can trust, and kids can find this amazing learnable content that perfect for them. Hello Monday and YouTube got together, and we are happy to announce the birth of our love child, YouTube Kids! A safe place for kids to play. YouTube kids was announce at Kidscreen Summit in late February. Hello Monday designed the entire brand identity uses icons and tips that any young mind understand. It was inspired by their own childhood and toys. It’s fun, quirky and embodies the YouTube Kids brand. They also introduce new smart parental setting where parents can see what their kids are into, and can set up viewing limits and timers so the app shuts off just in time for bed. Now both groups can have a blast, together.

YouTube Kids YouTube Kids YouTube Kids YouTube Kids


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