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Also Known As & Wishbone Brew

Also Known As & Wishbone Brew Conceptualized and assembled by hand, the ‘Wishbone Brew’ is a shiny container that features an airtight seal to ensure coffee beans remain fresh. A bright yet soft colour pallette combined with elegant and approachable serif type helps soften the brand against the harshness of material.

Animal Digital Art Yo Az

Yo Az Collection of animal digital art is spectacular and intricately done by Yo Az. At first glance, his extremely detailed and colorful creations resemble mechanical animals, but are actually made up of various geometric shapes and patterns.

Ben Barrett-Forrest

Ben Barrett-Forrest ‘The Design Deck’ is a set of 52 useful design information, complete with a visual example, combining to create a well-rounded, thorough examination of the subject. It also explains the history of design movements, and includes information about typography and iconic designers.