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Tim Paza May


Autumnal Paris

I like the style of this illustrated type, by student, Tim Paza May, in Brazil. Although the theme is Paris, I’m picking up some Arts and Crafts influences in the style (the pinwheels, patterns and colours).

Created as part of a vector illustration course where students were asked to pick a word and work around its theme. Quite appropriate colours as Europe moves into September and summer begins to end.

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Vector Paris by Tim Paza May

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Ramotion Inc.

Realistic iPhone and iPad App Icons designed by

A great App Icon design is arguably the best way to grab the attention of potential app users. It is usually the first thing people see when browsing for apps to download and give impression for many user a clear indicator of the overall quality of an app.  If an icon design doesn’t instantly grab the attention, chances are a user will just keep scrolling past. 

Hasan Kale

Tiny landscapes painted on impossible canvas. From onion peels, ground nut shell to kiwi seeds or even bits of chocolate a feat that requires the use of a magnifying glass to appreciate the details of each piece. The steadiness of his hand is impressive to witness, even though the longevity of each object he paints is questionable. 

Alessandro Battisti

Battisti started “Prospective Cities Series” ten years ago. Each of his work, is an images of different floating ‘3-D’ city, amidst a changing sea of shapes, colors and perspective. The effect of geometric & architectural illustrations (on buildings) is admittedly a bit surreal and the end product quite fantastic.

Every designer and developer always need creative nice icons. What is better than adding a fresh colorful feel to enhance your website or application and deliver a unique user experience. There are 1000 icons collection by that is made exactly to serve this purpose.

This is a fun online guide that teaches us how to eat sushi using chopstick. We can learn how to hold chopsticks properly and tells us different fun facts about sushi. Apparently Uramaki sushi refers to sushi that looks like it has been turned inside out, and has its origins in North America. Also we can learn how to dip sushi in soy sauce, and that we should eat ginger to cleanse our palettes.