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Web Design For Vangarde Music

Vangarde Music

Vangarde Music

Vangarde Music is a Belgian music label company. The website designed by McArnolds for this entertaiment industry especially optimized for desktop and tablet. McArnolds from Belgium is a creative agency based in Brussels, specialized in communication, development of brand images, the development of websites and social applications. McArnold has put his creativity to a multifunction design in every project that they make.

The navigation is really cool. You can use the hamburger menu and all pages will be display like a dashboard or u can swap the pages when u see a hand icon when hover either on the left or right. And the illustration used as full screen images for each pages are really nice change to regular hero photographs.

Vangarde MusicVangarde MusicVangarde Music Vangarde Music Vangarde Music Vangarde Music



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