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Wooden Wireframe Sculptures by Janusz Grünspek

Janusz Grünspek

Janusz Grünspek create a resembling 3-dimensional blueprints of wooden sculptures. Wooden dowels glued together and  assembled into dining room tables, Apple laptop, pitcher, security camera and even reel projector are formed from delicately cut and bend wooden pieces that mimic the form of digitally rendered wireframes.Janusz Grünspek has been hard at work creating these wooden wireframe sculpture. Detail attention needed to the structural integrity required for larger sculptures such as the tables in this delicate medium.

Let see some of his sculpture series called Drawing in Space below.

Janusz Grünspek1 Janusz Grünspek2 Janusz Grünspek3 Janusz Grünspek4 Janusz Grünspek5 Janusz Grünspek6 Janusz Grünspek7 Janusz Grünspek9

See more of his works at

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