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Tealicious Branding & Packaging by Alvarez Juana

Alvarez Juana - Tealicious


Tealicious is a small Tea Shop in the heart of Florence, Italy owned by Marcela from Argentina. The branding and packaging are framed around a luscious botanical garden created by Alvarez Juana, Argentinian designer who are currently based in Florence, Italy.

“For the label, we decided to make one model that allows us to put inside all the different kinds of tea that Tealicious has to offer. The tea selection changes very often, depending on Marcela’s creativity, that’s why we’ve created this empty label where Marcela can write the name of the tea, specify the composition, clarify the time and temperature of the water, so the person who’s making the tea at home always know what they are drinking and how they should prepare it according Marcela’s indications, and in this way always enjoying a perfect tea!”

tealicious1  tealicious4  tealicious6  tealicious8 tealicious9tealicious5tealicious2tealicious7


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