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Sunday Sketches by Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann - Sunday Sketch

Christoph Niemann

Sunday sketches is a series of mixed media drawings by Christoph Niemann. He cleverly combines illustration with real life objects like a crumpled paper become flowers with drawing of vase and leaves, a giraffe made from a fork and my personal favourite, a panda drawing out of a shoe. Check more of his drawings below.

Christoph Niemann1 Christoph Niemann2 Christoph Niemann3 Christoph Niemann4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Christoph Niemann6 Christoph Niemann7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Christoph Niemann9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Christoph Niemann11 Christoph Niemann12 Christoph Niemann13


See more of his work at

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