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On The Run Part One by The Rusted Pixel

The Rusted Pixel

The Rusted Pixel

A personal project created with C4D, BodyPaint, Corel Painter, VrayfoC4D, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop influenced by Studio AKA’s “Lost and Found” written by Oliver Jeffers.

therustedpixel1 therustedpixel2 therustedpixel6therustedpixel4 therustedpixel5 therustedpixel9therustedpixel7 therustedpixel8 therustedpixel12therustedpixel10 therustedpixel11 therustedpixel15therustedpixel13 therustedpixel14 therustedpixel18therustedpixel16 therustedpixel17 therustedpixel18therustedpixel21therustedpixel19 therustedpixel20 therustedpixel24therustedpixel22 therustedpixel23


See more of The Rusted Pixel artworks at Behance.

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