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Beautiful Flower Art by Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei

Lim Zhi Wei

Malaysian artist, Lim Zhi Wei, has a knack for creating beautiful arts from flowers. She combines her watercolour illustrations with beautiful flowers and has created ballerina, beautiful woman wearing lovely dresses, and even animals like fish and goat in her work.

Check out her some of her works below.

lim-zhi-wei1 lim-zhi-wei2 lim-zhi-wei3 lim-zhi-wei4 lim-zhi-wei5 lim-zhi-wei6 lim-zhi-wei7 lim-zhi-wei8 lim-zhi-wei9 lim-zhi-wei10 lim-zhi-wei11 lim-zhi-wei12 lim-zhi-wei13


See more of her works at her Instagram and Facebook account.

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