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Adorable Babies Portraits by Neli Prahova

Neli Prahova

Neli Prahova

London based photographer, Neli Prahova shot adorable babies portraits with whimsical scenes. She brilliantly transformed pieces of fabric into cars, elephant and sceneries that come alive in photoshoot. 

Check out some of her photoshoot artworks below.

Neli-Prahova2 Neli-Prahova3 Neli-Prahova4 Neli-Prahova5 Neli-Prahova6 Neli-Prahova7 Neli-Prahova8 Neli-Prahova9 Neli-Prahova10 Neli-Prahova11 Neli-Prahova12


Images via her personal website. See more of her works at

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