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Vinyl Toys Inspired by Delicious Foods by Zard Apuya

Zard Apuya


Zard Apuya is an artist specializing in vinyl toy design. Graduated with a B.S. degree from the University of Guam in Business Administration focusing in Marketing and International Tourism & Hospitality Management, plus a minor in Fine Arts.

He customize vinyl toys and use Munny from Kidrobot as his toy platform. His current work based on delicious food and snack.

Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat2__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat10__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat1__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat3__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat4__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat5__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat6__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat7__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat8__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat9__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat20__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat13__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat14__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat18__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat23__880 Vinyl-Toys-Good-Enough-to-Eat25__880 vinyl-toys-munny-kidrobot-zard-apuya-1

Check out more of his work here.

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