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Random Words of Kindness by Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews

Hand drawn typographic posters by Jessica Matthews. Random Words of Kindness series is created to spread love, kindness and inspiration to people around the world.

Jessica is a passionate and innovative graphic designer and hand letterer from South Australia. As a visual communicator, Jessica uses graphic design as a tool to combine intelligent messages with stunning aesthetics to communicate a purposeful message. Her meticulous work ethic involves a solid design concept which is based on thorough research and thoughtful idea generation.

JM_Heart Pop_v2_20150114 JM_Light Up My Life_v1_20140824 JM_Buttercup_v2_20140729 JM_Favourite_v2_20140723 JM_Everything Okay_v3_20140726 JM_Bees Knees_v1_20140928 jessica-matthews7 jessica-matthews8

Follow her on FacebookTwitter and check out her works at jessmatthewsdesign.com.

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