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Katakomi by Alexander Kvasnicka

Alexander Kvasnicka - Katakomi


Alexander Kvasnicka, a Vienna based digital artist created Katakomi to bring back wonderful crafting experience and a long lost childhood memory. Katakomi is unique paper craft kits with polygonal look. It’s fun and easy to assemble. Katokami provides pre-cut and engraved sheets of paper that make crafting way more effortless and enjoyable.

DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami11__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami5__880 DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami__880  DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami12__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami4__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami10__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami1__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami7__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami8__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami3__880DIY-Papercraft-Kits-by-Katokami6__880

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