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Coffee Cups Hand Drawing Lettering Art by Rob Draper

Rob Draper


Rob Draper from Worcester is freelance designer and artist. He spends up to four hours on each cup drawing intricate designs on paper cup from coffee shop including Starbucks and Costa. Some of the cups he takes home but leaves some cups behind in the hope customers will take home.

Wednesday-Lets-do-this..-RobDraper__700 Slurp-RobDraper__700 M-is-for-More-RobDraper__700 Just-the-2-of-us-RobDraper__700 E-for-Espresso-RobDraper__700 Gulp-RobDraper__700 disposable-coffee-cup-typography-rob-draper-1 Good-to-go-RobDraper__700 Waste-Time-with-type-RobDraper__700 R-is-for-Refill-RobDraper__700 Elsewhere-RobDraper__700

Check out more of his work here.

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