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Backhouse Package Design by Yuya Yoshida

Yuya Yoshida

Yuya Yoshida

“In a time when gunmen settled things with each other by duel there was one man in the Wild West who became notorious for defeating all of his opponents, Bill Backhouse. The tale goes that he settled the score with his fierce enemies not by drawing his gun nor resorting to his fists, instead he challenged them to a death drinking duel that no men could walk out of alive (or at least sober.) Reminiscent of Backhouse’s iconic revolver table on which his battles were fought, the duel is now back for anyone who dares to take on the challenge.”

Yuya Yoshida’s assignment was to create a new packaging structure for protecting six breakable glassware, the brand image and packaging graphics. His approach was to create a Wild West themed shot glass packaging inspired by the shapes of revolver barrels.

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Check out more on the artwork at Behance.

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