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Bozena Rydlewska aka Bozka

3D Pop-up Paper Creations by Bozka

Bozena Rydlewska Bozena Rydlewska or also known as Bozka, creates nature-themed 3D paper creations of nature compositions. Tired of working on the computer, Rydlewska eager to do something using her hands. She made some research and attended pop-up book course at West Dean Col­lege in Eng­land. After that she started her own pop up project. “Since I […]

Ilhwa Kim

‘Seed’ As A Tiny Universe by Ilhwa Kim

Ilhwa Kim Thousands of Korean mulberry paper used to form vibrant three-dimensional art with striking patterns and imagery. Ilhwa Kim from Seoul Korea carefully arranged the rolled paper or seed according to colour. Each seed unit has the combination of straight lines and circles, which makes a tiny single universe in philosophical terms. Not a […]