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Revolution Department

Revolution Department Promo Video

Revolution Department Revolution Department promo video is really impressive. Using Arnold Renderer, the result really smooth and. Revolution Department is a new creatives hub based in Milan and their aim towards developing post production and animation projects. Their philosophy is firmly based on the conviction that the best results can only be achieved when both technical experts […]


EAT.IT Commercial Video & Web Design

Eat.It EAT.IT stands for handmade, handcrafted, finest Italian food. This project was created for Dtail Studio by Stanislav Hristov and nulla collective.  The atmospheric scenes was construct using Nuke’s 3D tracker and modelling software. Each set up was built separately using node-based compositing.  The idea was to create something immersive, something with rich flavours and delicate nuance with a […]

John Mayer - Born and Raised

The Making of John Mayer’s ‘Born & Raised’ Artwork

David Smith Recently David A. Smith, a United Kingdom based designer, produced a wonderful turn-of-the-century, trade-card styled album cover for popular American singer/songwriter John Mayer. David A. Smith, specialising in high-quality ornamental hand-crafted artwork, reverse glass signs and decorated silver and gilded mirrors for this purpose. Dave Smith is a name that has become synonymous in […]