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Guillaume Cornet

Intense City Atmosphere Drawing by Guillaume Cornet

Guillaume Cornet Inspired by travelling, architecture and city life, Guillaume Cornet aka “Mr Guil” draw intense city atmosphere with 100’s of hidden characters and stories. Using black ink Rotring pens to draw and colour with alcohol based markers and watercolour, Mr Guil takes over 150 hours to draw each drawing. Check out more of his work at […]

Marija Tiurina - The Seven Deadly Sins Cat

7 Deadly Catsins by Marija Tiurina

MARIJA TIURINA Marija Tiurina London based illustrator teamed up with NeonMob to recreate an identity for the seven deadly sins with cats. NeonMob is a digital art platform where anyone can discover new art limited-edition personal collections created by artist from around the world. She created an art set for NeonMob.  “Deadly sins are quite […]